New animation! Hurrah!

If you’re reading this, I finally got around to finishing my YouTube cartoon. Check it out here:     I’m hoping to turn this page into more of a repository for my humor (outside of just written pieces)…. Read More


I’d seen COPS – I knew how this worked

Is it Throwback Thursday again already? Alright, picture this scene: It was the summer of 1993. The Braves had not yet won their third world series. Whispers of the Olympics coming to Atlanta made us almost as excited… Read More


The Call of the Void – And Climbing!

I’m not scared of heights. I’m scared of a weird desire to fall forward once I look over a high ledge. The French have a phrase L’appel du vide to describe this sensation – literally the call of the void – that… Read More


There Were More Bats than Meteors

Last night around 1:30 AM, Matthew L. and I drove up to the Kennesaw Mountain Park fields to catch a glimpse of the Perseid meteor shower. The conditions were pretty optimal (few clouds, low light, etc) considering how… Read More